SwitchDin happy to support Australia’s first decentralised energy exchange

SwitchDin is enabling its customers to be among the first to plug into GreenSync’s world-leading decentralised energy exchange - deX - which officially opened its doors to a shortlist of technology integrators this week.

SwitchDin, a deX partner from the program’s inception, is one of eight new technology companies to provide distributed energy resources (DERs) access to the platform, which will begin public operation in 2019.

Another step forward for SwitchDin

“SwitchDin has been driving the integration of DERs in virtual power plants and microgrids for Australian networks and retailers,” said Dr Andrew Mears, CEO of SwitchDin.

“It’s great to connect with GreenSync’s high-level platform, as we feel it gives our customers another option to get the most from their solar, batteries & controlled loads.”

Integrating easily with a wide range of popular inverter and battery products, SwitchDin’s technology is a highly versatile gateway device for deX participants.

SwitchDin provides detailed visibility into and control of the capabilities and functions of individual DERs, regardless of their composition or complexity.

SwitchDin is already used by electricity companies around the country to solve a range of network and market challenges associated with distributed energy resources - all while bringing greater value to the end users, which include households, businesses, government and communities.

What is deX?

deX context and benefits (click to enlarge)

deX promises to connect “millions” of distributed energy resources (DERs) and virtual power plants (VPPs) into Australia’s electricity system, paving the way for even greater uptake of renewable energy.

The platform connects DERs (and their owners/operators) to existing and future markets to dispatch services, including wholesale energy delivery, local network support and frequency ancillary response services (FCAS).

The deX concept arose in 2016 through collaboration between utilities, technology companies and energy stakeholders at an Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) A-Lab workshop.

In 2017, GreenSync launched deX as a digital marketplace for distributed resources and outlined plans for the release of its key features through 2018 and 2019.

For  more information, read the deX white paper.