SwitchDin to explore market expansion with NSW Access India program

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Adding to growing opportunities in Australia, North America and Europe, SwitchDin has been invited to explore expansion into the Indian market through the NSW Government’s Access India program, administered by Sydney-based Fusion Labs.

After a selection process involving over fifty companies, SwitchDin was one of six chosen to participate. Participating startups range in maturity from early inception to growth stage companies.

Participants will benefit from four partially funded trips to India over the next twelve months, regular workshops, and ongoing support & mentoring to assist in building opportunities in India. The first trip will take place from late November to early December 2018.

The Access India initiative, along with the Jobs for NSW grants and loans program, aims to help NSW-based companies expand their reach internationally with the ultimate goal of creating more jobs in the state.


Why India?

India is home to one of the fastest-growing large economies in the world, with GDP growth  rate around 7% annually in recent years.

Access India participants prep for the program event launch on 13 Nov 2018

Access India participants prep for the program event launch on 13 Nov 2018

The Australian federal government has identified India as a major future trade partner, and has developed an India 2035 economic strategy envisioning India as Australia’s third largest trade partner in about two decades’ time.

The NSW government has followed suit with Access India, a 12-month accelerator program targeting high-growth sectors in the Indian economy. Fusion Labs CEO Matt Adendorff says that in the coming years India will need more of the things NSW is well placed to provide, including innovations in energy markets, agricultural technologies and health services.

“Through our Fusion Labs Access India Program we’ll provide NSW entrepreneurs a pathway to access the Indian market through mentoring, business development support as well as guidance in navigating international markets and taking businesses global,” he said.


Building reliability in India’s energy sector

Reliable energy supply is essential for the growth of any economy; while access to electricity is expanding rapidly in India, reliability of supply is still a significant challenge.

Grid-interactive microgrids and customer and utility owned solar, batteries and other distributed energy resources are seen as key strategies for improving access to reliable clean electricity services.

This is where SwitchDin will initially look for opportunities, leveraging our portfolio of cutting-edge projects with utilities around Australia. These include our work on Horizon Power’s innovative Smart Sun initiative, the award-winning Lockhart River microgrid project with Energy Queensland, and the Birchip Cropping Group microgrid project under the Victorian government’s Microgrid Demonstration Initiative, among others.

Access India’s approach is open-ended and exploratory - which means that other possibilities may materialise through introductions and meetings.


In good compan(ies)

The list of Access India participants includes of some of the most promising startups to come out of NSW.

They include two medical technology companies - Genepath Laboratories and Neuromersive - drone developer JAR Aerospace, AI-based asset management solution VAPAR, and tyre-focused e-commerce site Tyroola.

SwitchDin enables the integration and orchestration of distributed energy resources like solar and batteries. Our technology creates a vendor-agnostic common language for distributed energy resources, improving system performance, and enabling fleet orchestration for network services and energy market participation - regardless of the choice of equipment. We reduce costs for the consumer and the utility - creating a win-win scenario.


SwitchDin Access India pitch

The launch event for the Access India program was held on 13 November 2018 at Fishburners coworking space in Sydney. All program participants were invited to give their pitch to government, media and potential investors.

You can watch SwitchDin pitch by CEO Dr Andrew Mears below.