Amber Electric launches VPP pilot using SwitchDin tech

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SwitchDin has partnered with Amber Electric for a virtual power plant (VPP) pilot project involving Amber Electric customers who have pre-existing battery storage systems. Amber Electric will provide SwitchDin Droplets at no charge to 10 eligible customers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This initial test will enable fine tuning before a general rollout.

Amber Electric is a cutting-edge Australian electricity retailer that allows its customers to access the wholesale energy spot market. The company’s business model is based on monthly flat membership fees instead of the quantity or price of the electricity it sells to customers. This gives Amber customers the ability to buy more electricity when energy prices are low and sell when they are high.

Amber also offers insights into the percentage of renewables on the grid at any given time.

A screenshot from Amber Electric’s customer portal, showing real-time & forecast spot market prices and renewable energy percentage mixes for each half-hourly settlement period on the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The goal of the pilot will be to explore how Amber customers can maximise the value that their batteries deliver by enabling them to automatically respond to fluctuations in wholesale electricity prices. Droplets will deliver localised management of customer-owned assets (such as batteries) as well as orchestration capability for Amber. This will pave the way for Amber’s customers to get more value from their batteries and other owned assets.

As SwitchDin has pointed out, unlocking and tapping into multiple value streams is key for households to ensure they are getting the most of their battery storage systems. Amber’s approach to electricity pricing gives battery system owners numerous opportunities to deploy their batteries to optimise their savings; Amber Electric, using SwitchDin’s technology, will aim to help them to identify and respond to these opportunities automatically.

Interested Amber Electric customers (or would-be Amber customers) who already own a battery storage system can reach out to Amber directly at for more information.

More SwitchDin-powered VPPs to come

The project with Amber Electric is one of several energy market-based VPP programs in the pipeline that SwitchDin is supporting with various retailer partners throughout Australia. We also have a number of existing projects with integrated utilities and distribution network service providers (DNSPs).

SwitchDin is uniquely placed in the Australian market as a turnkey solution for energy companies to aggregate and manage distributed energy resources (DERs) across a wide range of PV inverter & battery storage system brands, as well as key controllable loads (such as air conditioners, water heaters and electric vehicles).

SwitchDin Droplets enable secure monitoring and control of heterogeneous fleets of DERs, while our Stormcloud cloud management platform provides a sophisticated monitoring interface as well as facilities for centralised coordination. Learn more about our technology here.

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