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Knowledge is power.


When you have solar and batteries, you want to make the most of it. Whether your goal is to save money, be secure, or save the planet, we can help you do it smarter.

Our Droplet™ adapter connects to your inverter, battery system, power meter and key loads giving you full visibility and enabling smart management. No electrician is usually required. The Droplet™ gets more than just energy data, it communicates directly with your assets to check system health and alarms, and then uses your internet or optional 4G to connect with our Stormcloud™ platform.

Stormcloud's advanced analytics, mean you can;

  • Track your generation, storage and consumption as well as important system health and safety data.
  • Receive timely alerts or warnings to keep you and your system installer updated on issues.
  • Monitors system temperatures and alarms to ensure you remain within warranty conditions.
  • See in realtime your actual energy costs and savings.
  • Anticipate changes due to weather and behaviour and adjust to keep your system performing well.
  • Engage with your system provider to ensure effective maintenance and operational support.
  • If available, participate in value adding programmes with your utility such as energy trading or demand management.

Ready for trade.

Innovative utilities are offering incentives to battery owners to participate in schemes to help reduce grid costs or to allow you to get rewarded for trading energy at peak times. Check with your utility to see if they're SwitchDin ready and see how you can benefit.

Changes to electricity rules have potential to open up new opportunities for energy sharing across multiple households and businesses, reducing costs and maximising use of renewable energy. When change happens, SwitchDin is ready.


Be ready to control your future.

SwitchDin’s control features will work automatically to continuously adjust battery use for peak system performance. It will use what it knows of past, present and future performance and consumption, weather forecasts, your grid electricity tariffs, wear and tear on your system, weather forecasts, and various pricing signals, to make the adjust your system to get the very best performance we can.

SwitchDin and its partners are adding more features all the time. What’s more, you won’t have to buy any new products to access these features. Droplet and Stormcloud have remote update capabilities and are designed with the potential to do more in the future, whatever it brings.


In an ever-changing world, it pays to be adaptable.