Offer more to your customers - old and new

More households and businesses are turning to solar and battery storage. SwitchDin helps energy companies offer their customers new ways to save on power bills - while adding value to the grid.

SwitchDin's smart controller functionality improves operation of the customer's system while providing fine-grained visibility across the fleet, including the ability to monitor, forecast and control generation and consumption. This simplifies implementation of site specific and aggregated services including energy optimisation, energy market interactions, demand management, and ancillary support. It also lays the groundwork for peer-to-peer energy and virtual power plants.

We work with electricity retailers, networks, integrated utilities and energy service companies to make tomorrow’s energy system a reality today.

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Fleet orchestration

Device-to-control room management of distributed resources for virtual power plants, demand management & demand response, peak shaving, constraint management, solar curtailment and more

Asset management

Monitor & control distributed resources from a central portal; identify risks & opportunities and use data to inform decision making

Customer engagement

Give customers an intuitive monitoring portal with a white label option; improve customer experience by understanding behaviour, fostering interactions, and enabling VPP participation (Learn more)

Virtual power plants & peer to peer energy

Coordinate and balance distributed energy resources (solar, batteries) and loads (DRED control) in virtual power plants, microgrids & embedded networks

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