Embedded EMS for battery storage system

SwitchDin provides manufacturer with off-the-shelf, VPP-ready EMS


The Challenge

To provide a turnkey energy management system (EMS) layer for a hardware-focused manufacturer of inverters and other power equipment looking to launch a battery product into the Australian and European markets.

Specific requirements included facilities for flow control, monitoring, fault handling, notifications and control algorithms for self-consumption and grid compliance.


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Eguana Technologies is a publicly listed Canadian manufacturer of advanced inverter technology and other power equipment. The company’s focus is on producing high-quality hardware and power management firmware for its bi-directional power conditioning system (PCS). Aiming to gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding Australian battery storage market, the company required an EMS partner.

The Solution

SwitchDin performed integration testing with the client’s battery product at Eguana’s Canadian lab over the course of six weeks to help produce a ready-for-market product. The ease and speed of the integration was possible thanks to SwitchDin’s extensive integration experience.

SwitchDin’s platform provides secure, ongoing data delivery for warranty support and fleet management; it also enables future upgrades to functionality, with features such as tariff optimisation, demand charge minimisation, export limiting support and energy market participation (e.g. virtual power plants).

Eguana launched its Evolve home storage solution in 2018 using SwitchDin’s EMS. Product releases are also planned in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, with trial sites in operation in Australia and Germany.


SwitchDin EMS for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

SwitchDin delivers a ready-made energy management system (EMS) that provides intuitive monitoring & control for end users as well as a fleet management platform for manufacturers and their partners.

Registered and connected to Stormcloud™ SwitchDin allows your company's devices to be incorporated into virtual power plants (VPPs) and unlocks a suite of other advanced smart grid features for utilities to tap into - and your customers to benefit from.

EMS features & capabilities:

  • Facilities for flow control, monitoring and fault handling

  • A white-labelled, customer-facing web portal with access to summary and in-depth analytics about system performance & health

  • Notification services for customers that deliver information about issues or events via email

  • Control algorithms to optimise solar self-consumption and reduce grid draw by end customer

  • Data logging for warranty support at one-minute resolution

  • Ready for fleet services such as:

    • virtual power plants

    • microgrids

    • demand response, and

    • network support

  • Easy integration with third party devices such as power meters, solar inverters and load control options


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