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Offer more to your customers.


More households and businesses are turning to solar and battery storage. Energy service companies can now offer new ways to save on power bills whilst also value adding to the grid.

SwitchDin's smart controller functionality improves operation of the customer's system whilst providing fine grained visibility across the fleet. This includes the ability to monitor, forecast and control generation and consumption. This simplifies implementation of site specific and aggregated services including energy optimisation, energy market interactions, demand management, and ancillary support and enables business models such as peer-to-peer services and virtual power plants.


SwitchDin enables energy service companies to offer more to customers, old and new.

Get more and give more.

Greater visibility and control means generation and demand can be spread across the network more effectively, with the potential to benefit the consumer, the markets and the grid.


Energy service companies can connect with every solar and battery user in their portfolio.

The future of solar and battery technologies will be dynamic and vendors and product capabilities will be diverse so as to meet the varying requirements of consumers. Lack of widely adopted standards and high proportion of proprietary technologies makes portfolio-wide management difficult. SwitchDin solves this problem.


Compatible with... everything.

The future is diverse and single vendor solutions will not be the way to scale. It doesn’t matter which type of system, inverter, power meter or battery is being used—Droplet™ and Stormcloud™ integrate beautifully with most brands in the market. When we add in smart demand management of key loads such as air-conditioners, pool pumps, hot water systems and EV charging the potential for real value is amplified.

SwitchDin’s advanced integration capabilities allow you to connect with every user in your portfolio, to monitor and orchestrate stacked value. We make smart inverters smarter and enable aggregation to bring benefits for consumers and energy service companies. Avoid the risks of single supplier lock-in and adopt new products and technologies as and when you need. SwitchDin means you stay competitive and your customers become partners.

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