Technology overview

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Infrastructure for tomorrow’s electricity ecosystem

The future of energy is decentralised. SwitchDin connects the big picture with the small picture through smart control of distributed energy resources - solar, batteries & more.


Droplets™ provide localised ‘small picture’ energy management & control


On their own, Droplets™ are powerful generalised distributed energy resource (DER) controllers. They may be used as energy management systems (EMSs) for homes & businesses, battery energy storage system controllers, microgrid controllers, managed DER controllers, AS4755 DRED controllers and DER system aggregators/monitors.

Each Droplet™-equipped site or device can operate autonomously or in coordination with other Droplets™ via Stormcloud™, our cloud platform.


Droplets™ connect directly with the devices they manage across a range of protocols and standards, acting as a ‘babel fish’ for different types and brands of products, including solar and batteries. Droplets™ also act as AS 4755-compliant virtual DRED controllers.

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Stormcloud™ provides ‘big picture’ distributed energy management

Each Droplet™ is a gateway into Stormcloud™, SwitchDin's cloud platform. Energy companies and aggregators can use Stormcloud™ to tap into and control portfolios of Droplet™-enabled resources, which may include Droplet™-equipped sites or individual devices.

Scalable & secure

Stormcloud™ uses a standard IEC61850-based interface to provide scalable and secure data collection, analytics and orchestration of rooftop solar, battery storage and controllable loads with end-user and fleet manager web portals.

Vendor agnostic

Stormcloud™ provides a single, hardware-agnostic platform for fleet-wide operation for demand response management, energy trading or ancillary services.



Product applications

Virtual Power Plant Controller

Device to control room visibility and management of distributed energy resources, including solar, batteries and loads.

Smart Energy Management System

Vendor-neutral EMS for home & business that maximises savings and enables energy market participation.

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Microgrid Management System

Control platform for building and operating microgrids & embedded networks composed of heterogeneous parts.

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