Simplify microgrid design & operation

Optimise & stabilise by balancing generators, batteries & loads

Each microgrid is a unique environment with unique requirements; microgrid applications range from greenfield subdivisions & strata blocks to remote communities & mining compounds. SwitchDin provides an overarching microgrid management solution that maximises reliability & efficiency while simplifying control - even in the most complicated situations.

SwitchDin integrates with most inverters, batteries, and power meters - and also enables virtual DRED control - to bring even the most diverse collection of devices together in a single portal.

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Asset optimisation & management

Maximise local resource use while maintaining power quality and grid stability

Extend life of assets with proactive, data-driven maintenance regimes

Network constraint mitigation

Maximise allowable solar PV system size by setting limits on export (solar curtailment & ramping)

Work around grid import restrictions by building more capacity 'behind the meter'

Peer-to-peer energy management

Coordinate and balance local resources against loads

Maximise economic efficiency by adding market incentives for participants

UPS & supply firming

Uninterruptible power supply with local resources including batteries, solar PV & diesel generators

Minimise outages and grid-draw by coordinating available resources against forecast demand

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