Infrastructure for tomorrow’s energy ecosystem

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The future of energy is decentralised.

SwitchDin bridges the gap between electricity companies and distributed energy resources like rooftop solar, batteries & loads, so that these resources can contribute their maximum potential to the energy system.

We work with energy companies, solar installers and equipment manufacturers to offer their customers more - while making the electricity grid a cleaner place.



SwitchDin reduces the complexity in distributed energy management by integrating directly with a wide range of product brands and types.



SwitchDin unlocks the potential for solar, battery storage and energy-hungry devices to be more effectively managed within the energy system.



SwitchDin enables direct, device-to-control-room management of distributed energy resources without relying on vendor or third party cloud platforms.


Energy companies

Our technology gives electricity retailers and networks single-platform visibility & direct control of distributed energy assets - regardless of brands of equipment used.

Meanwhile, your customers get more from their solar & batteries through smarter energy management, monitoring and virtual power plant participation.

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Electricity retailers

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Networks & utilities

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Solar installers & integrators

SwitchDin lets you offer future-proof energy monitoring and management for your customers, while preserving product choice.

Our Droplet controllers are integrated with a wide range of popular inverter & battery products in Australia, for easy plug-and-play compatibility with whatever equipment combination you or your customers prefer.

As our energy system evolves and the role of solar & battery storage grows, Dropet-equipped homes and businesses can rest easy knowing that they are virtual power plant-ready.

Equipment manufacturers

SwitchDin works with inverter, battery storage and smart meter manufacturers to allow them to offer smart, secure, connected products to their customers.

We offer an off-the-shelf energy management system (EMS) that can be embedded directly into your equipment, and which integrates easily with components from other vendors.

You will have visibility and control of diverse fleets of resources, while your customers will enjoy a sleek monitoring interface and the ability to offer services as part of a virtual power plant.

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