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Smart Energy Management

Simplify complex energy problems

with SwitchDin's intelligent, vendor-neutral platform

SwitchDin's edge computing technology provides a secure, simple and reliable platform for 'device to control room' management of distributed energy resources (DERs) to solve complex energy problems.

SwitchDin integrates with most PV inverter & battery storage systems. creating a uniform interface for customisable, algorithmic control of energy projects.

SwitchDin works for energy companies, microgrid/embedded network developers, and businesses with challenging energy-related requirements such as network restrictions, solar export constraints, and frequent blackouts.

How it works

Droplets tie everything together


SwitchDin-powered VPPs start with Droplets, the hardware component of our technology. A single Droplet can provide monitoring and control for an individual device (such as a PV inverter) or multiple devices (such as a site with PV, a battery and DREDs). Communicating directly with the devices they manage, Droplets act as a ‘babel fish’ across heterogeneous products products - regardless of the protocols and standards used by different vendors.

On its own, a Droplet is an energy management system (EMS) the associated device or site, with smart control profiles for solar self-consumption (in grid-connected systems), off-grid resource optimisation, and tariff arbitrage. Each Droplet operates autonomously, with its own set of capabilities (dependent on the connected devices), goals and priorities.

Stormcloud orchestrates, balances and optimises


Each droplet is a gateway into Stormcloud, SwitchDin's cloud platform. Project developers & operators can use Stormcloud to tap into and control portfolios of Droplet-enabled distributed energy resources (DERs).

Stormcloud provides a uniform interface with smart control algorithms so that the system operator can achieve performance goals within capacity limitations and other constraints.