Integration without the hassle

You choose the equipment, we harmonise it

SwitchDin integrates easily with most inverter, battery & power meter products. We provide monitoring & smart control for individual devices as well as multi-device systems by acting as a ‘virtual inverter’, solving complicated integration challenges where others can’t.

The end result is simpler system design & operation with fleet monitoring & management accessible from a single portal. Our cloud platform - Stormcloud - also sends alerts and logs data for comprehensive warranty support.

Monitoring, management & market participation for your customers

SwtichDin provides a uniform, white-labelled energy monitoring & management system (EMS) for your customers - regardless of the components used in their system. Plus, SwitchDin is virtual power plant-ready so they can be part of the grid of the future.

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Improved customer engagement

Energy monitoring platform for end customers - from a single portal with your brand

Increased customer interaction with alerts & market participation opportunities (Learn more)

Fleet management & warranty support

Central dashboard for reporting & performance monitoring of assets - regardless of vendor

Warranty-grade data logging for inverters, batteries, and more

Smart energy management

Energy management system algorithms optimse for solar self-consumption, off-grid, etc

Smart control for solar PV, batteries, pool pumps, air conditioning & electric vehicles

Utility service participation

Enables market response for virtual power plant participation (batteries, DRED, etc)

Works with a wide variety of vendor products & platforms

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