For energy companies:

Orchestrate solar, batteries, loads - and more

With SwitchDin's secure, centralised, vendor-neutral VPP platform

SwitchDin's edge computing technology provides a secure, simple and reliable platform for 'device to control room' management of distributed energy resources (DERs).

SwitchDin's technology integrates with most PV inverter & battery storage products. creating a uniform interface for smart control of VPP-participating systems; it also enables virtual control of demand response enabled devices (DREDs) such as air conditioners, water heaters and electric vehicles.

This is how we are making tomorrow’s energy system a reality today.


Annotated view of SwitchDin’s VPP platform for demand reduction.


Learn more about SwitchDin’s virtual power plant management platform:

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For manufacturers, solar installers & integrators


Offer more to your customers with a smart, VPP-ready system

Future-proof energy monitoring & management

As Australia’s energy system becomes more distributed & decentralised, electricity networks, retailers and system operators are looking for ways to harness the potential of distributed energy resources (e.g. solar, batteries, air conditioners, water heaters and more) to bolster system reliability & efficiency.

VPP-ready sites are equipped with real-time monitoring & control functionality, so that VPP operators can make real-time decisions about when, where and how to deploy resources in their fleet.

VPP participation will become a key way for homes & businesses to get more out of their energy assets, being financially rewarded for taking part in VPP programs.

SwitchDin’s VPP platform is vendor and retailer-neutral, allowing a high degree of flexibility for end-users, installers and energy companies alike. Out technology helps installers meet all the requirements for being VPP-ready under South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme.


Manufacturers can embed SwitchDin’s software or hardware directly into their products, or offer it as an add-on.

Solar installers can offer SwitchDin’s hardware as part of solar & battery system packages.

For homes & businesses

SwitchDin’s energy monitoring & management system gives end users detailed insights into their energy consumption & generation while also enabling VPP participation.

We generally provide our technology to end users through our partner channels, but we’re happy to help point you in the right direction. Get in touch below.

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