Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)

Orchestration of solar, batteries, loads - and more

Secure, centralised, vendor-neutral platform

SwitchDin's edge computing technology provides a secure, simple and reliable platform for 'device to control room' management of distributed energy resources (DERs). SwitchDin's technology integrates with most PV inverter & battery storage products. creating a uniform interface for smart control of VPP-participating systems; it also enables virtual control of demand response enabled devices (DREDs).

How it works

Droplets provide localised energy management & control

SwitchDin-powered VPPs start with Droplets™, the hardware component of our technology. Droplets™ may be installed on the meter board at a site or integrated into a battery or inverter product. They communicate directly with the devices they manage across a range of protocols and standards, acting as a ‘babel fish’ across different venders and communication protocols.

On its own, a Droplet™ is an energy management system (EMS) for the site, with smart control profiles for solar self-consumption (in grid-connected systems), off-grid resource optimisation, and tariff arbitrage. Each Droplet™-equipped site operates autonomously, with its own set of capabilities, goals and priorities.

Stormcloud provides the interface for ‘big picture’ VPP management

Each droplet is a gateway into Stormcloud™, SwitchDin's cloud platform. Energy companies and aggregators can use Stormcloud™ to tap into and control portfolios of Droplet™-enabled distributed energy resources (DERs), which may include Droplet™-equipped sites or individual devices.

Stormcloud™ provides a standard interface and secure communication channels, making VPP operation simple, low-risk and vendor-agnostic. Its smart control algorithms help the system operator to achieve performance goals within capacity limitations and network constraints.