Off-the-shelf energy management system

Easy integration & a suite of customer benefits

SwitchDin integrates easily with most inverters, batteries and more. Our ready-made energy management system (EMS) provides a white-label monitoring platform for end users as well as a fleet management & monitoring platform for manufacturers and their partners.

Registered and connected to Stormcloud - SwitchDin's cloud software - SwitchDin allows your company's devices to be incorporated into virtual power plants (VPPs), distributed energy management systems (DERMS) and a suite of other advanced smart grid features.

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Simple integration

Readily integrates with most inverters, battery types, BMSs, power meters & more across most protocols & standards

Advanced support for custom integrations - software or hardware

Fleet management & warranty support

Centralised performance monitoring for remote troubleshooting

System alerts & warranty-grade data logging

Customer engagement

White-label monitoring for end users with an array of smart control functions

Enables advanced smart grid features such as VPP participation & peer-to-peer energy management (Learn more)

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