Infrastructure for the distributed energy future

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Small-scale energy has a big role to play

More and more, homes & businesses are installing solar PV, battery storage and controllable devices to reduce energy costs. As this transformation unfolds, their role in the energy system is shifting from simple energy consumers to energy ‘prosumers’, unlocking a whole suite of challenges and opportunities for energy networks, markets and energy end users themselves in the process.

SwitchDin brings these distributed resources together to address electricity network and energy market challenges - while improving outcomes for all the players involved.

Virtual power plants, microgrids and more

Our electricity system will come to rely less on large, centralised power plants while growing to more actively incorporate small-scale distributed resources.

SwitchDin allows energy companies to build and operate virtual power plants and microgrids using a mix of resource types and products. For manufacturers, integrators and installers, we give you the ability to offer energy market participation to your customers.


Compatible with everything

Integration is the cornerstone of everything that SwitchDin does. We act as a ‘babel fish’ for a wide range of products, allowing them to be monitored & controlled via a single platform.

Our Droplet™ controller and Stormcloud™ cloud software are already compatible with most PV inverter, battery and power meter brands - as well as many third party software solutions. Our Droplets™ also acts as a AS 4755-compliant virtual demand response enabled device (DRED) controller.

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Knowledge is power.

SwitchDin lets households and businesses get more out of solar. The knowledge and insights we bring gives our customers the power to control and customise operation to match individual needs without having to lock themselves into a single technology or vendor solution. We enable greater visibility and control over the demand on networks and energy markets and can support progressive energy companies build customer engagement towards win-win partnership with solar and batteries.

The grid is changing and as consumers and energy companies get ready to power the future, we need technology that can adapt. SwitchDin enables solar and batteries to do more, whatever the future brings.