Solar and batteries made smart.


When you or your customers have solar, you want to make the most of it ... now and in the future.

Whether your goal is to manage your energy costs, improve electricity supply resilience, or save the planet, we can help you do it. SwitchDin gives visibility and orchestration of behind-the-meter solar and battery assets and optimises performance towards a win-win for everyone. It's personalised, community minded and it's smart.

Upgrading to a battery just got  smarter.

Batteries range in price and capabilities, and not all will accommodate the existing solar or your preferred inverter. SwitchDin enables your integrator to mix and match battery with inverter so that you get the best fit. So don't take the one-sized fits all offer or think you need to lock-into a single vendor forever. Ask for SwitchDin.

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Compatible with... everything.

You don't have to worry about compatibility. Our Droplet™ adapter and Stormcloud™ software integrate with most solar and battery systems, power meters and other devices and many third party software solutions. 

Its a win-win.

More households and businesses are taking the leap to solar and battery storage. Progressive electricity companies are seeing the benefits of working with customers to ensure the solar and battery can contribute to a more reliable electricity service whilst also helping to reduce costs. SwitchDin helps electricity companies offer real benefits for customers through participation in grid-friendly programmes. Ask your Electricity Company if they are "SwitchDin ready".


Knowledge is power.

SwitchDin lets households and businesses get more out of solar. The knowledge and insights we bring gives our customers the power to control and customise operation to match individual needs without having to lock themselves into a single technology or vendor solution. We enable greater visibility and control over the demand on networks and energy markets and can support progressive energy companies build customer engagement towards win-win partnership with solar and batteries.

The grid is changing and as consumers and energy companies get ready to power the future, we need technology that can adapt. SwitchDin enables solar and batteries to do more, whatever the future brings.